Originally produced in 2005, "Dragons & Dreams" was a fire-and-ice show. It was our flagship program and helped the company's momentous growth as we expanded up and down the east coast.

The story and experiments underwent a major revision in 2016. Now, "Dragons!" is the coolest Sciencetellers show yet! We perform it year-round, and it is our go-to program for parties and pre-schools.



1. "Dragons" Story Script

2. "Dragons" Experiment Script



Intro Experiment: Foggy Flask

Experiment 1: Dry Ice Rocket

Experiment 2: Sciencetellers Shower

Experiment 3: Toilet Tornado

Experiment 4: Horn of Fire

Experiment 5: CO2 Cannon (ONLY with water, NOT marshmallows)

Experiment 6: Bucket of Fog



  1. Start by putting the leaf blower into the crate with the extension cord wrapped around the handle.
  2. Then put in the bucket.
  3. Next to the bucket put the rolls of blue tape and the box of CO2 cartridges.


Load the bucket with the following:

  1. Erlenmeyer flask
  2. Dawn dish soap
  3. Squeeze bottle of water
  4. Squeeze bottle of denatured alcohol (ethanol)
  5. Bag of safety glasses
  6. Bag of film canisters


  1. Now add the CO2 cannon, the graduated cylinder and the plastic cups to the bucket.
  2. Next, put the grill lighter (and spare) inside the rolls of blue tape to keep them dry and away from the flammable ethanol.


  1. Place the PVC shower base and PVC shower head on either side of the leaf blower, as shown.
  2. Lay the plunger on top, across the bucket.


  1. Place the folded table cloth on top of the equipment.
  2. Then add the power caddy and the gloves.
  3. Finally, put in the labcoat, gently folded.



Front row (left to right):

  1. Foggy Flask
  2. Dry Ice Rocket
  3. Shower
  4. Toilet Tornado

Back row (left to right):

  1. Horn of Fire
  2. CO2 Cannon
  3. Bucket of Fog


Room Setup

  1. Place the performance table in the front of the room, center.
  2. Place the equipment table perpendicular, on the right (or left if you are left-handed).
  3. You can use a third table for the speaker/receiver as pictured; otherwise, just put the speaker/receiver on the equipment table.
  4. Place the garbage can with plastic liner against the back wall.
  5. Stow the empty crate neatly under a table. Don't leave out any personal belongings.
  6. Mark the performance area with blue tape, starting six feet in front of the table.
  7. Mark a center aisle, four feet wide, that runs through the audience.
  8. Most rooms will have chairs along the sides and/or in the back of the room for the adults.

You may need to adjust the room setup to meet the needs of the customer/venue.



When it's time to return your "Dragons" equipment, this is what we'll need back:

  1. Table Cloth
  2. Power Caddy
  3. Aluminum Scoop
  4. Safety Glasses (x7)
  5. 500ml Erlenmeyer Flask
  6. Film Canisters
  7. PVC Base Tube
  8. PVC Shower Head Attachment
  9. Plastic Cups
  10. 480ml Flip-Top Bottle (empty it first)
  11. Leaf Blower
  12. Extension Cord
  13. Confetti Cannon
  14. CO2 Cartridges
  15. Squeeze Bottle (empty it first)

Everything else you can keep, recycle or throw away.