Watch your birthday child become the star of the show as they conduct several awesome science experiments throughout the celebration! All guests get to make their very own concoction of ooey gooey slime!


"DRAGONS & Dreams"

In a faraway world with castles, kings and an Evil Ice Sorceress, two brave villagers take a daring journey to release the dragons and save the entire kingdom!

Join us as we learn about dry ice and the changing states of matter through the tale of "Dragons & Dreams." Wouldn't dragon's breath be an amazing sight to see?! Well, get ready to see it ... feel it ... smell it ... maybe even taste it! This story features interactive and explosive experiments with dry ice, fog, bubbles, flying rockets and more.

Enjoy this spectacular adventure and be swept away to a world where dragons are real and dreams come true — and where only the most daring of people will survive to tell the tale! 

Length: About 60 minutes
Ages: 4–12
Up to 10 kids: $250
11-15 kids: $275
16-20 kids: $300
21-25 kids: $325
26-30 kids: $350

Certain locations may be assessed a travel fee.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

There is a $75 credit card deposit required at the time of booking to reserve the date and time for you. The deposit is refundable up to 7 days prior to the scheduled program. Payment is due in full before or on the day of the program by credit card.