2018 Program: "Wild West"

Length: 45 Minutes
Grades: K-5
Size: Up to 30 Kids

Requirements: 2 tables, trash can, electricity, tap water

The Story: Grab your spurs and journey with us to the Wild West, where a legendary bank-robbing outlaw is back in town, about to strike again! After the Sheriff mysteriously vanishes, two young kids must saddle up to foil the great heist — but not before stopping a runaway train, escaping an abandoned mine shaft and discovering how a mysterious piano can play an ‘instrumental’ part in putting a rotten cowboy back behind bars.

The Science: We use awesome science experiments to bring key parts of this wild adventure story to life. Volunteers from the audience will help us recreate the colors of the wild western sunset, the sound of fireworks, the explosion of dynamite, the effect of inertia and gravity on the runaway train, and much, much more! With help from the audience, we create a hypothesis, then change a variable and repeat the experiment to see the new result!

Don’t miss this family-friendly and action-packed western with notes of science!

Up to 10 kids: $250
11-15 kids: $275
16-20 kids: $300
21-25 kids: $325
26-30 kids: $350

The children were in awe of the performance! We highly recommend it.
— Patti Harnwell, Lynnewood School (Havertown, PA)