A ScienceTellers party combines amazing science experiments with fun, exciting stories. The result? An educational, interactive and energetic show, perfect for kids 4-11.

As an added bonus, all party guests get to make and take home their very own concoction of ooey, gooey slime!

Somehow, you made direct eye contact with every child in the audience, making it seem that ScienceTellers was happening just for them.
— Lynn Hidek, Henry Carter Hull Library (Clinton, CT)
We just had our fourth ScienceTellers program. There’s standing room only at every show. Kids and parents talk about it for weeks after.
— Eileen Baker, Norwood Public Library (Norwood, NJ)

ScienceTellers is constantly expanding to new areas. We currently travel within 125 miles of the following cities:

Atlanta, GA (Summer 2018)
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL (Summer 2018)
Columbia, SC
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL (Summer 2018)
Minneapolis, MN (Summer 2018)
Nashville, TN (Summer 2018)
New Orleans, LA (Summer 2018)
New York City, NY
Orlando, FL (Summer 2018)
Philadelphia, PA
Raleigh, NC
Richmond, VA
San Jose, CA (Summer 2018)
Washington, DC


If you don't see your area listed here yet, check back soon.

2017-2018 Program

"Pirates: Lost at Sea"

© 2017 ScienceTellers.

Ahoy there! Set sail with us on a thrilling action-packed adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a desert island. With mutiny and high-tide looming, they must rescue their salty captain and find a way off the island before all hope is lost … at sea!

Throughout the story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the incredible science behind clouds, combustion, air pressure, physical and chemical changes, inertia, scientific variables and more. Don't miss this refreshing nautical tale with a twist!

Priced for Your Budget

ScienceTellers offers tiered pricing, based on the number of children at the party.

Up to 10 kids: $250
11-15 kids: $275
16-20 kids: $300
21-25 kids: $325
26-30 kids: $350

Payment Methods

Payment is due in full before or on the day of the party. You can pay online by clicking the link in your email invoice or you can pay over the phone by calling 908-334-2525. The performer can also process your credit card the day of the program.


When you are ready to book your party, please fill out the online Booking Request Form with as much information as possible. We will get back to you as fast as we can, usually within 24 hours. If you have any questions before beginning the booking process, you can reach us at info@sciencetellers.com or 908-334-2525.