Program Details & Prices


  • Our show is the perfect first introduction to the magic and wonder of science!

  • The story features lots of fun action and excitement to keep the kids engaged.

  • The science content is rooted in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


Each show is about 45 minutes long.


The program is geared toward ages 3-5.

Younger children, who maybe can’t sit for the full program, are welcome to join for the second half of the show, in which we perform the interactive science experiments.


Under 25 Kids: $325
25-75 Kids: $350
Over 75 Kids: $400


Credit Card payment is due in full before or on the day of the program. There are two ways you can pay:

  • Pay online by clicking the link in your email invoice.

  • The performer can process your credit card the day of the show.


Day-of-Show Details


Your ScienceTeller will arrive about 45 minutes before show time to set up.


Here’s what we need from you the day of the show:

  • Two Tables, about four to six feet long.

  • Trashcan, any size.

  • Electrical Outlet.

  • Access to a Sink, for setup/cleanup. The sink does NOT need to be in the performance space.

Each ScienceTeller provides their own portable sound system. They will also bring tape to mark the performance area and a center aisle.

Room Setup

We will tailor our setup to your specific venue and preferences.

The ScienceTeller will bring tape to mark the performance area and a center aisle.


The children were in awe of the performance! We highly recommend it.
— Patti Harnwell, Lynnewood School (Havertown, PA)