Our interactive dry ice program engages pre-schoolers and we offer a special mini-demonstration designed specifically for toddlers!



In a faraway world, two brave villagers take a daring journey to release the dragon and save the entire kingdom from an evil ice sorceress. Join us as we learn about dry ice and the changing states of matter through interactive and explosive experiments with fog, bubbles, flying rockets and more.

Enjoy this spectacular adventure and be swept away to a world where dragons are real and dreams come true — and where only the most daring of people will survive to tell the tale! 

Length: 45 minutes
Ages: 4–12
Over 75 Kids: $400
25-75 Kids: $350
Under 25 kids: $320
With 15-minute demo (for 2- and 3-year-olds): Add $50

All pre-schools are required to pay in full before or on the day of the program by credit card.