Wild West: "The Mystery of the Golden Piano"

Single Show: $400
2 Shows: $700
3 Shows: $1,050
4 Shows: $1,400


Show Information


All ages are welcome, though the show is geared for ages 4-12.
Max 300 students per assembly.


Your ScienceTeller will arrive about 45 minutes before show time to set up.


  • Two tables

  • Trashcan

  • Electrical outlet

  • Access to a sink during setup

The ScienceTeller will provide their own sound system. They will also bring tape to mark the performance area.

Room Setup

We will tailor our setup to your specific venue and preferences. However, here is our ideal room setup:

  • Performer on the same level as the audience (no stage).

  • Children seated on the floor.

  • Chairs for adults in the back and/or on the sides.

The ScienceTeller will bring blue painter's tape to mark the performance area and a center aisle.

Program Content


Educational Material
The assembly covers a broad range of topics within the fields of chemistry and physics, including vocabulary, concepts and laws, and the scientific method of designing and testing solutions collaboratively and creatively.


Science Standards
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were developed by states to improve science education and to set expectations for what students should know. We take care to incorporate the following standards, so you can be sure the content of your assembly supports the curriculum in your classroom:

  • PS1 A-B: Structure & Property of Matter / Chemical Reactions

  • PS2 A-B: Forces & Motion

  • PS3 A-C: Energy

  • ETS1 A-C: Engineering Design


Our goal is to foster a deeper learning experience that reaches far beyond the assembly. Teachers are encouraged to use the three ScienceTellers Enrichment Guides to further enhance their students' experience at the assembly:

1. Study Guide (Download)
Helps prepare students for the information that will be presented in the program, including key science vocabulary and literary terms.

2. Critical Thinking & Creative Writing Guide (Download)
Encourages purposeful reflection and discussion, allowing students to relate what they observed in the assembly to their own personal experiences.

3. At-Home Activity Guide (Download)
A comprehensive step-by-step guide to conducting an experiment at home with a family member, allowing students to continue learning and to create new shared experiences!


Background Checks
We take the safety of students extremely seriously. All performers must pass exhaustive background screenings and criminal checks before they are allowed to work with ScienceTellers.

Payment Methods

Payment is due in full before or immediately following the program. There are two ways you can pay for your assembly:


The performer is NOT allowed to accept the check. Checks MUST be mailed directly to our New Jersey billing office either before or immediately following the program. Our billing office address is:

PO Box 6741
Hillsborough, NJ


Credit Card
You can pay online by clicking the link in your email invoice or the performer can process your credit card the day of the program.


ScienceTellers brings science to life! This was our second assembly and the kids went wild ... again!
— Janine Morrison, WCK Walls School (Pitman, NJ)