"Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano"

Length: 45 Minutes
Grades: K-5
Size: Up to 300 Kids

Grab your spurs and journey with us to the Wild West, where a legendary bank-robbing outlaw is back in town, about to strike again! After the Sheriff mysteriously vanishes, two young kids must saddle up to foil the great heist — but not before stopping a runaway train, escaping an abandoned mine shaft and discovering how a mysterious piano can play an ‘instrumental’ part in putting a rotten cowboy back behind bars.

Throughout this absolutely wild adventure story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the fascinating science behind chemical reactions, acids and bases, combustion, air pressure, inertia and more. Don’t miss this classic action-packed western with ‘notes’ of science!

Price: $365

2017-2018 School Year Program

"Pirates: Lost at Sea"

Length: 45 Minutes
Grades: K-5
Size: Up to 300 Kids

Ahoy there! Set sail with us on a thrilling action-packed adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a desert island. With mutiny and high-tide looming, they must rescue their salty captain and find a way off the island before all hope is lost … at sea!

Throughout the story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the incredible science behind clouds, combustion, air pressure, physical and chemical changes, inertia, scientific variables and more. Don't miss this refreshing nautical tale with a twist!

Price: $365

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Fun & Engaging


We take abstract science concepts and present them in a tangible, easy to digest way, ensuring everyone will be engaged — regardless of age, experience or ability.


Awesome explosions and fun, suspenseful stories will keep the entire audience on the edge of their seats!


Through the power of voice, expression and pantomime, the program comes to life and the children become invested in the outcome of both the story and the experiments.


We transport the audience into the adventure along with us! We utilize the entire performance space, so even kids in the back will feel like they are part of the action!


This is not a low-key event! Our performers are teeming with excitement and passion, which energizes and captivates the audience.


We create a brand new show with different stories and experiments each summer, so your rec program is always new and exciting, year after year.



Audience volunteers help the performer set up and conduct each experiment. We involve as many volunteers as safely possible.


Group Learning
Everyone in the room gets involved through purposeful call-and-response. Guided by the ScienceTeller, scouts will have fun asking questions, making predictions and comparing results in a safe and positive environment. 


Close-Up Views
Whenever possible, we bring the experiment out into the crowd so everyone in the audience gets to experience it up close!



The program covers a broad range of topics within the fields of chemistry and physics, including vocabulary, concepts and laws, and the scientific method of designing and testing solutions collaboratively and creatively.


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were developed by states to improve science education and to set expectations for what students should know. We take care to incorporate the following standards, so you can be sure the content of your scout program supports the curriculum in the classroom:

PS1 A-B: Structure & Property of Matter / Chemical Reactions
PS2 A-B: Forces & Motion
PS3 A-C: Energy

ETS1 A-C: Engineering Design



Finding high quality scout programs can be tricky. Trust experience. With thousands of happy, longtime customers since 2004, ScienceTellers is an expert in children's programming.


Background Checks
We take the safety of children extremely seriously. All performers must pass exhaustive background screenings and criminal checks before they are allowed to work with ScienceTellers.


We take great care to only hire performers who are positive, friendly and compassionate, because those are the type of people we would want to perform for our own children.


All ScienceTellers employees complete a comprehensive training course, through which they learn how to conduct the experiments safely and properly. The entire team repeats training every year.


Fast response times. Automatic reminders. Simple requirements. Flexible setup. We know what goes into planning a great scout program, so we have you covered from start to finish.

The children were in awe of the performance! We highly recommend it.
— Patti Harnwell, Lynnewood School (Havertown, PA)

Price: $365

Payment is due in full before or immediately following the program. There are two ways you can pay for your scout program:


Credit Card
You can pay online by clicking the link in your email invoice or you can pay over the phone by calling 908-334-2525. The performer can also process your credit card the day of the program.


Checks must be mailed directly to our New Jersey billing office either before or immediately following the program. The performer is NOT allowed to accept the check in person. Our billing office address is:

PO Box 6741
Hillsborough, NJ


When you are ready to book your scout program, please fill out the online Booking Request Form with as much information as possible. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. If you haven't received a reply after 48 hours, please check your spam or give us a call.

If you have any questions before or during the booking process, you can reach us at info@sciencetellers.com or 908-334-2525.