"Wild West" Program Information


  • All ages are welcome, though the show is geared for ages 4-12.
  • Maximum 300 people per show.



  • The program is about 45 minutes long.



  • Your ScienceTeller will arrive about 45 minutes before show time to set up.
  • If you need to get in touch with the performer directly, their name and cell phone are on the reminder emails/texts.



  • Two tables. Any size will do, but ideally 4 to 6 feet long.
  • Trashcan, any size.
  • Electrical outlet.
  • Access to tap water from a sink during setup. (Kitchen, custodial, bathroom — any sink will do!)

The ScienceTeller will provide their own sound system. They will also bring tape to mark the performance area.


Room Setup
The show can be performed anywhere! We will tailor our setup to your specific venue and preferences. However, here is our ideal room setup:

  • Performer on the same level as the audience (no stage).
  • Children seated on the floor.
  • Chairs for adults in the back and/or on the sides.
  • The ScienceTeller will bring blue painter's tape to mark the performance area and a center aisle.



  • We have an introduction built into our script that describes what we do and the behaviors we expect from an audience.
  • You can simply introduce the performer by their first name, from ScienceTellers. We'll take care of the rest!


Photos & Videos

  • We encourage you, and the adults in the audience, to take photos and videos of the show.
  • You can share them with us on Facebook and Instagram: @sciencetellers



  • Parties and Preschools: We require a credit card payment before or on the day of the show.
  1. Pay online by clicking the link in the email invoice.
  2. The performer can process your card the day of the performance.
  • Libraries, School Assemblies, and all other events: Please mail a check directly to our billing office:

P.O. Box 6741
Hillsborough, NJ 08844